Figured it was time to let the world know about Dustin Demerchant. Not only is he a pill addicted woman beating cheating fall down who tries to “ ball out hard” and claims he used to be apart of “gangs” and is “ biker affiliated “ . He’s a complete deadbeat. Mostly because of his wife Brandee brown whose posted on here multiple times . He has 4 children by 3 different women. He cares for one of his children. But the other 3. Do not even know there dad. The youngest was born at 24 weeks because the stress and mental abuse Dustin and Brandee put on the mother. I might add he’s made no attempt to even meet his newest newborn daughter who was made because Dustin cheated on Brandee once again . He also doesn’t pay a dime of child support to any of the moms. This clown deserves nothing more than to be on here. And for other woman to know what kind of fall down he is. He’s been claiming on Facebook to have all this money when he can’t even pay his rent and all of his things have been getting repoed . One of the fakest most vile human beings I have ever had the opportunity to meet