This guy here is a chronic liar. I don’t think he’s told a woman the truth once since I had the dishonor of meeting him. He’s balding, unemployed, and admitted to never using condoms when he fuks chicks and knocking a bunch of up. He’s so big a loser though that they’ve all got abortions. He’s a huge pepsi head and has even started getting back into meth. He’s a closet bisexual because I caught him trying to pick up trannies on a fetish site and he begged me not to tell anyone or he’d ‘ruin my life’. On top of being a walking petre dish for DRDs he’s violently sensitive about the size of his member and gets really butt hurt (no pun intended) when you insult it. I’m tired of his lying, cheating ass so I’m putting him on blast. I finally understand how he got the nickname Dilly Disaster.