This is a warning to the gay community of Edmonton. This is Eric DeChamplain who I met off a same-sex dating app last week. This man is extremely dangerous. He seemed genuine and nice at first, but once in the bedroom he turned belligerent and vulgar. I think Eric is struggling with his own sexuality and targeting the gay community to vent his anger. He told me he wasn’t out of the closet yet. While we were on the bed, he grabbed my throat and pressed down. I managed to push him off and bolt for the door, but he ran after me naked and blocked the door. I grabbed my shoes and ran out the patio door in my boxers. I literally drove home in nothing but my shoes and boxers to get away from Eric. This man is insane. I have no doubt in my mind that if I didn’t escape, he would’ve seriously injured, if not killed me. Edmonton beware of this man!!