Elizabeth Montoya works at All American Chevrolet in Midland, Texas as a sales manager. She gave my husband her number when he went in for service cause she knew him from the gym. Being a typical male, he picked up on her advances and the two started texting, a week later he invited her to meet him at a bar, she went and afterwards she text him saying “I love kissing your lips” and “Idk what it is about you, I’m attracted to you like no other! If you only knew what I want to do to you right now”. He replied saying “come over” and she replied “where is she?” He told her we were at a hotel cause we were having some remodeling done to the house. She told him she was already home and he came to the room with me. I could tell he was acting different so when he passed out I looked at his phone and read all of their text messages. I was sick to my stomach but decided to get her phone number. The next day I texted her letting her know he was in a relationship, which she already knew since she asked where I was the night before, she told me I had nothing to worry about with her, that she’s been cheated on and knows how bad it hurts. After that I thought it was done but to make sure I blocked her number on his phone. I went out of town a few weeks later and when I was gone, he realized I blocked her number and he unblocked it. I happened to call him and he said he was at a movie he would call me back, I instantly knew he was with her so I kept calling him like a crazy person and when he didn’t answer I texted her saying “you said I had nothing to worry about and as soon as I leave town you’re quick to meet up with him”. A few minutes later he called me and said I was crazy and if I’m happy now cause she left. Then later he texted and said “idk what you told her but she wants nothing to do with me now so you got what you wanted now quit worrying about me and enjoy your time with your family”. Little did I know she was the one that told him to say that to me so I would leave them both alone. They spent the entire day drinking together, afterwards she rented a room on her card so they could fuck and I wouldn’t know. Very smart on her part, makes it look like she’s done this a few times. I didn’t find out until I came back into town and read the text on his watch that he forgot to delete. Come to find out they spent a lot of time together while I was gone and she willing put the room on her card two different times. She even gave him her daughters number so he could bribe her older daughter to babysit so they could fuck, what kind of mother does that? A whore does and that’s what Liz is! When I found out they had fucked I was livid and texted her again to please leave him alone, that he’s not single, I even sent her a copy of him texting me that she means nothing to him, she was just a fuck and it was wrong, even after seeing that she still continued to keep meeting up with him and talking to him. She didn’t care that he sleeps with me every night or that we live together, have a family together! Once she fucked him she wouldn’t even reply to my text when I would beg her to leave him alone, she would just text him a screenshot of what I sent her. Liz only cares about what she wants and she won’t let a ring, a wife, a girlfriend, a family or nothing get in her way!!