This chick was supposedly my friend.. she stayed over and spent the night when our husbands were in the field… fast forward a few months.. she started texting my then husband, behind my back, he was hiding it and deleting them.. she was giving him “marriage” advice. Every time we would fight, he’d run to her.. she was married to my husband’s best friend. So the fights started being about her… once again he would tell her… her husband was out of town at times.i left due to a fight one night, he ended up at her house… refused to open the door. So you an guess what was happening… they actually called the cops on me for not leaving. So fast forward again.. I was back at home with him… she came see me.. as she said. She was constantly texting my husband… I checked the phone bill… well we had yet another fight and I packed my shit and left… the whole time telling our one yr old that I as leaving her…smh. then on one of his weekends to get her (about 2-3 weeks later) he was acting weird. So I stayed after and watched him.. he goes to his car and goes into the store and comes out with her… and starts kissing her in front of our kid… mind you were all still married and they are living with her husband… So now… we are all divorced and they got married 1 month after it was final.. she was already pregnant before it was final… pregnant with twins.. so now.. they feel the need to bring her trashy self when we exchange our daughter… she trys to act all loving to my child… she’s the one who partially tore our family apart.. he’s equally as guilty… so now he has 5 kids… by 4 women.. working on his second marriage and he’s just 23..