Please be aware of this girl Erika Fox. Eric Montgomery has been with his wife for 6yrs until he met this skank Erika N Fox at ECPI Medical Career Institute in Newport News, Virginia. Eric Montgomery and Erika Fox started to meet up with each other around town in April of 2015. Eric Montgomery lied and told his wife he was staying with a cousin for a day, he needed air. His mom Twaya Clark Lewis of Dallas Texas told the wife that wasn’t true. The wife knew exactly where to look for Eric because Erika had been texting Eric inappropriately and his wife thought that was strange. Eric always insisted that he didn’t deal with this whore, she was only in his class and he had to talk to her about school work. His wife caught him on May 31st sleeping with Erika Fox at her home located at Springhill Apartment Homes in Newport News.

When his wife arrived Eric Montgomery tried getting her to walk to the front office because he was there to find an apartment. Erika then called the cops that was the first time. Erika also had his wife arrested because she’s a slut whore piece of trash who sleeps with married men as a hobby. Erika Fox, Eric Montgomery and Twaya Clark even called CPS on his wife’s child as a joke. Erika Fox being the coward whore she is goes to court and forgets to mention the whole reason the wife showed at her home is because she’s sleeping with her husband it takes the wife’s lawyer to ask isn’t the reason we are here because you and Eric Stephenson Montgomery are having an affair. Erika admitted to dating a married man. Erika and Eric now live together and he still won’t admit to being with this girl Erika Fox.

Erika is 31 never been married no kids but her viginia is very over worked. She’s so desperate for love she’ll take it how she gets it even if that means coming between a marriage. Erika mom and dad Buddy Fox and Cheryl Fox of Virginia Beach Virginia both know of the affair they condone it. Erika is the type of female everyone hates she has no friends and she lonely as hell. She was on the outside looking in thinking how lucky she would be only if she could break up this family. Please be aware of these two Eric supposedly has PTSD and Erika can’t be trusted around anyone’s husband and is bat shit crazy. Her past friends refer to her as a manipulating, mood swing having degenerate. Eric Montgomery is on his second divorce. The first one he flew to Bahrain to tell her he wanted a divorce so she wouldn’t ruin there stuff his devil mom Twaya Clark had a lot to do with the first and second divorce.