Ok, San Antonio we ALL know who Erin Flynn is right? Yup! Same girl who contracted Herps years ago. Well that doesn’t stop from spreading them around SA. And I quote Erin “I don’t care who I sleep with and catches them”. She is a sorry human she is intentionally spreading herps to men in SA because she is miserable about her mistake. What type of human intentionally passes on an STD? Specially one that will NEVER go away. It makes me sick to my stomach! Yet, she lives off section8, Foodstamps and all assistants she can receive. She does anything.. I mean ANYTHING for Pepsi and drinks… she likes to hang out st Wurzbach ice house. So do not share drinks you might end up with pumps on your lips. She’s NEVER held a job and teaches her daughter how to free load off men oh.. and tax payer dollars. Please expose this walking STD. It’s not fair for any man to contract something from intentional harm and it’s even worst when the wife’s or girlfriends catches bumps from their cheating men. Erin, please do SA a favor and only stick with one partner (who you already spread the bumps to) it’s not fair for the rest of SA that your Misery kills you and your trying to infect others on purpose.