My question was why my dad? Out of all the guys you could of been with? I mean you have a husband and two daughters who I taught in class at our church. We welcomed you into our home. You baked my cakes for my birthdays. But I knew that gut feeling I had was all bad from you. I feel bad for your husband and children. They don’t deserve a cheating wife/mother. You were my moms best friend. We went to church together. What the f*ck was wrong with you. You discuss me. And I promise you if I’m to see you may the Lord be with you cause Bitch you don’t know what’s coming. You have three ladies on you. Whom are me and my sisters and I promise you that all that pain that you are causing us you will never be able to feel anything again. Hope you’re happy of what you done and seriously can’t believe you still go to church. How can you live with yourself?