So me and my (ex) boyfriend/fiancé were together 3 years. He was my life and my everything. We had a really rough patch throughout our relationship about 6 months in I got pregnant with our now 15 month old daughter. She is our world and we love her to death. We used to fight all the time it even came to a point where if he didn’t like what I had to say he’d put his hands on me to get me to shut up but then he would come back a few hours later apologizing and saying he didn’t know what went wrong and that he loved me and would never do it again. I lived him so of course I would always forgive and take him back. I caught him a few times flirting with girls on his Facebook and texting other girls, it would hurt and I’d confront him but I knew there was no way of him actually cheating since we were together 24/7 living together.

We got passed a lot while I was pregnant and when baby girl finally got her we were great. He was working full time. I moved back home with my parents due to the financial situation and he would call, come see me and baby everyday and anytime he could and stay the night. Our love life was great but I packed on 60lbs in my pregnancy and just kinda let my self go when taking care of our daughter. Sex got tiring for him and me and we just never err ally connected. He would tell me I was too heavy and that I let myself go and I need to lose weight. I’d cry and apologize and say I’ll change don’t worry baby, but instead he’d leave and I wouldn’t hear from him the rest of the night. I found out he was talking to other girls and going to hang out with friends and smoke, and since I was at home with baby he knew he could get away with it.

So now for the main part. My daughter was 10 months old and at this point he was going back and forth between jobs not really doing much and of course I helped support him, he got to a point where they’re were no more phone calls and he’d only stop by for 20 mins to see his daughter give me a kiss and say he has to go “help” his brothers with some stuff. I didn’t argue I just let him go because I was so busy with school and my new job I didn’t have time to argue or deal with him. Just spend time here and there. I asked him what was going on because for a month no intimacy or anything. I just had a gut feeling he was cheating or met someone else. He came over one night and we made up and it was great, we had sex and just cuddled. He decided to go outside for a bit and I noticed his phone was under the pillow so I just went ahead and looked through it not thinking anything. I looked through the texts and recognized all the numbers except one, (hers). I looked through and and couldn’t help but cry as I read the messages. Saying “good morning baby”, “I miss you”, “I’ll see you later, goodnight”. I went straight outside and confronted him he just laughed and said I was crazy, it just a friend trying to help him with a job. And then I asked him who it was because at the time I wasn’t sure who the girl was. After awhile I looked over the messages and asked and put two and two together and realized it was one of his friends girls that I had met not even a week ago. He then lied and said no, I’m talking to a 40 year old lady and she’s helping me, I do t know what came over me but I pulled a gun out, told him to leave and he just laughed. I then put the gun up and started slapping him and throwing him around. I was so hurt I felt like my heart was ripped out of my chest. I felt so pathetic begging for him back and telling him to leave her I’ll change I’m sorry. I was in my knees begging and pleading. I didn’t talk to him for a week. He tried calling, he would come to
My house and see baby but that was it. He called me and said he missed me and wanted me back and I took him and he have me the impression that he was no longer talking to her and that it was a mistake.

After a while we were fine but then I found out he was still talking to her. Even his family knew about her and didn’t bother to tell me she’d come by his house and he’d leave with her. I confronted her through texts and she just came at me saying idk what your talking about don’t bring drama to me I’m only friends with him, I haven’t fucked that boy so get your facts straight. But if you have a problem we can go. I just told her I wanna know why you knew me and him were together but yet you hang out and text him saying baby? She says baby is just a word and he told me you guys weren’t together and we’re having problems. I explained that I just met you a fucking week ago and you saw me with him, you saw our daughter, my sis in laws told you he was mine all the same time you were dating his friend sitting in the same exact fucking living room as us. But also I should you remind you in the middle if me texting her my boyfriend calls and says to stop and leave shit alone and that me doing this is only pushing him away. She says she’s sorry for the misunderstanding and that I do t need to worry about anything so inlet shit go and move on. A a week later I confront her again because she posts pics of them on Facebook tagging him. I confront him and her and she says I’m sorry for all that happened but my feelings are involved now too. I really do care for him and he does me. My mind was just blown. I went back and doth through this shit for 5 months. She knew we were together and she still gets involved.
Let me give you a short detail about ms faith. She’s 24, lives with her mom and stepdad, has a 5 year old daughter that she does not have custody until she can get on her own feet. She has a job that she only works 30hrs a week at. pays child support to the baby’s fathers mother. Like to get with guys way younger than her my boyfriend(19) my friend(20). Constantly drinks and parties and from what i hear likes to fight and start drama.
I went back and forth fighting with my boyfriend. Making up saying he was sorry saying he wants me and our family back and I would always fall for the shit. I would have nightmares every night and wake up crying and begging for hi back and forth and he would assure me she was nonlinear get I the picture. But for 5 months he cheated on e with her. I caught them at a restaurant together sat down and bitched both if them out. He told me to leave and that same day thy posted in a relationship. He broke my heart and to this day I still fucking live him and want his ass back because I’m so stupid and I don’t want a broken family and I want my daughter to have her daddy around. He wants to watch her but I don’t want his shank around my daughter. She gets upset when I come around because she had the impression she was the only one the whole 5 months if them “dating” but that while give months I was telling her to fuck off and leave my man alone and he would always come back to me. So yes she’s a homewreckers and has no respect for anyone’s families or her self. It’s funny because she got with another friend of mines husbands when they were in a break right in front if my ex eyes and he still took her back and guess what. My friend and her husband have made up and my friend confronted get ass about it to. She enjoys getting involved with other women’s men with families because she has a daughter but she has a broken family too. She brings her daughter around my baby daddy all the time . He says that little girl is so rotten and not disciplined and annoying. I told him it’s not easy taking care of another persons child. He says u don’t fucking take care of that kid. I explained not taking care but everybody is different in the way they raise their children. But then again why would the little girl listen to her mom when her grandmother is the one that raises her and her ” mom” only gets her 3 days a week.but yet in the past 5 months the most he’s seen his daughter is maybe 30 times. I hate him and I hate her. She feels that I shouldn’t come around because she’s his woman now and I’m just the baby momma who has a kid with him. I wait for the day to beat the bitches ass but I’m not gonna lie I feel bad but at the same time I don’t he’s come to me and we’ve had sex at least 5 times since they’ve been “together” behind her back but it hurts me that I’m now the other woman so I’ve cut off ties with him unless it’s about our daughter. I love him and miss him everyday and hope that we can one day work things out but for now I’m just trying to take care of my daughter, go to school and save money. I know she talks to other guys but also has him pussy whipped it’s ridiculous. I hope they fall apart and that she gets exposed for the hoe that she is. She says they are serious and that they will have a future. I just pray she doesn’t become pregnant because then u feel like I will need to keep my daughter away forever. She’s a whore, a liar, cheater and I pray she doesn’t ruin anyone else’s families. I pray for mine to mend again everyday but only time will tell. My babydaddy/ex fiancé was wrong in this whole part and I hate him for what he’s done to me. But I hope one day he can grow the fuck up and pull his head out of his ass if not for then for his daughter.

P.s. The messages in the Facebook photos are from when I confronted them at the restaurant. Lol