This guy needs to grow up . Just cause your French man doesn’t mean you can treat your baby momma like this.. you say your in a relationship with her and that it’s ok you act single, chose to live apart, dont help her with sh1t just cause her more stress. She’s doing it on her own and you can’t give her any credit what so ever .. your son is an amazing little boy and he is because of her. She’s the one who’s always there for him.. he can rely on her . He cant rely o you. You chose to not have any part of his life till he’s 18. Buddy he won’t give a fuk about you and she is now forced to find him a real daddy. You have done so match damage to this woman . Saying you love her but turn around and say she’s not good enough for you cause she’s on welfare. Fuk bud. You just lost out on a good family. Stupid fuk. Like while she was pregnant you left her about ten times. You also then tried to charge her while she was pregnant. Because you attacked her while pregnant and you non stop stressed her out while pregnant she was sick all the time. Bed ridden. You then gave her shit for this. But it was your fault .. Mothers Sunday your son had to go to the hospital. You couldn’t even be there for those 2. You fuked off left her and your son at the hospital . She’s an amazing woman for making it through that all by her own with your son. Child services was involved cause of the fighting and b1tching you do with her around your son. She did everything she was told to do by them.. you almost had him taken away cause your lazy a55 didn’t do one thing to work on you.. u are lazy you showed no effort in to bettering you for both the baby and baby momma .. Do you not know the kind of damage your doing to your son. Its proven it fucks with their development . Like grow the fuck up. Be there for them.. dont be with her. Your poison to her. But be there for them.. be a dad and a friend to her. Show your child he was created out of love. Teach him yo treat a woman right. Go take classes to learn this to do and teach him. No other woman should ever trust you. You cheat you lie, your a criminal. It’s not always going to be about you anymore. Realize this. Your not always right.. and quite saying bullsh1t about your baby know she would never do what you accusing her of. Grow the fuk up Ladys. Be safe and say no to this guy. He will chew you and spit you out. He gets off on hitting others mentally