This girl Gabriela Avila is from Fort Worth. She and I were really good friends. Never in my life would I ever think she would betray me. We also worked together at Walgreens, anyway I knew she was dating this married guy she would tell me and others about their relationship once the wife found out and wanted to confront her she ran and hid and had her blocked on her phone, blocked her on social media cause she was scared of the wife, anyway so the guy promised her to leave his wife for her and when he never did, even after the wife found out she was hurt and very mad, but this is not the only married guy she was messing around with and she had no shame of sleeping with both guys at parks in cars she didn’t care worst of all it was all unprotected, anyway so once she realized the married guy didn’t want her and threw her away to the side, blocked her and wanted nothing to do with her she decided to go after my boyfriend. She called him behind my back, a phone call turns into many, then it was secret meetings behind my back, then it was secret sleepovers behind my back, all the time she was my friend and she was having sex with my man! Gabriela Avila was never my friend. When I found out about the betrayal she blocked me cause she knew damn well I’m not the one to play games! She needs to be exposed cause I’m not the only one she has done it too! I’m the 4th person that has confronted her about it, all 3 where married men who’s wives found out about her! She looking for a guy who is willing to take her out of her parents house she’s so pathetic!