Gabriela Avila goes around and acts like she is a victim of what circumstances but truth be told I was around when she was messing around with my cousin and my cousin friend! First she was messing around with my cousin Matthew while he had a girlfriend and did not care she was full aware of his situation and she would sneak away to meet up with him behind her work building then when the girlfriend found out about her she denied the whole thing and moved right along with my cousin friend who was married! Was because she also was having sex with him and intentionally wanted to get pregnant by him so he could leave his wife who was pregnant at the time..this girl is a straight up sloot who dose not give a sh1t who she hurts! Or family’s she breaks! She acts innocent but she’s brings all this drama and pretends she’s the victim be ware of aka gummy ! She will pretend to be your frowns untill she’s close enough to your man