My husband Alex Perez who wads a Group Leader at TMMTX. Toyota plant . Meet Gabrielle Ann Mullins there and began an affair with her at least from what I can tell 2009 or back further .Gabrielle mullins was a Team Leader there . I think she is trash ,she was not only sleeping with my husband but it looks like there were others . I think if all the spouses and ex spouses tried to get together and start a class action lawsuit against Toyota. Maybe they would start being more aware of inappropriate behavior. Specially between supervisors and subordinates. There is a law not recognized in most states the law is called Alienation Of Affection law. Which a spouse can sue a home wrecker for destroying thete happy home and life . Unfortunately it is not against the law in Texas . However it is immoral and if Toyota were to make it very clear they could loose their jobs maybe people .. married people would think twice about cheating with one of their co worker’s. My husband would come home all the time and tell me how many people were having affairs and having kids with other employees and one or both were married to other people. I am not blaming Toyota for my husband being the lying, cheating , sorry excuse of a man he had become. But if someone from HR new about her reputation and or he was married thete should have tried to do something about that behavior. My husband was a good husband until he started up with her . We never fought ot argued at all . We never yelled or cursed at each other in 30 years . He started yelling and cursing . Picking fights and one day he just said I domt have to put up with this crap and walked out. I was crying on my bed very quite. Not a sound .. he told me he didn’t want to go to a marriage councillor. I had no idea it was as bad as it was . He was already gone mentally, emotionally, physically. So I blame her . I had a good marriage and was happy until her . I am going to be 50 in September 11 days after she turns 37 . I have more men asking me out then I know what to do with. I can’t be with anyone because I can’t move on . He has not and will not give me closure . Like I said know one but his lying cheating brother knows where they are until now. So it is going to be my lifes mission to my her life with him as miserable as she maid mine and my kids . She took my husband, my dog , my family and my in laws away from me . There was at time when he got a rash from head to toe which thatwas not normal for him . He has clear skin. I think he thought he caught something from her . His domeninor was almost in a panic state . He seemed so obsessed with trying to figure out what was the source of it . Then it went away and he never mentioned it again . At this point he was not sleeping with me . That was in 20010 . It would serve him right if he did . She obviously gets around. God knows what she has . So if this particular piece of trash stole your husband or if another did . Let everyone know. People told me to move on. I can’t till I get closure. I could be out there with almost any man I want . Not a married one though . I choose not to till I get the answers I deserve after 33 years I gave him I didn’t even get a good bye . 4 months of not know where he was or even a phone call . He cut off any communication with me . Then I called him begging and pleading for his help to help me get the Internet working at the house because I was applying for a better job . He finally text me and said he would. But I could not ask him one question about where he has been or with who . I had to sit there and cry to myself and keep my word to him . After he had been lying to me for years . It is not that I want him back .. I am very black and white .. wrong or right . There is no grey area for me . I deserve closure so I can move on. They both will get what they deserve too . So women in Adkins watch your men ! This is me and I am a good person. Dhe might be younger but definitely not better !