This woman which I am not to sure of her name has been seeing my husband for over a month. They work together and that’s how their relationship started. When I first caught them together I was not mad at her what so ever. I just told her the truth about him being married and that he is a smooth talker. I ask her if she knew he was married and at the time she said no. Since my husband got caught he was trying to make up all kinds of stories for us to stay together, like they were just friends, they only talk about work. Ok so time goes on and I caught them together again. I was livid not only was he lying to me so was she. She knew he was married the whole time and still continued to see him. So that’s what lead me here to tell my story. According to my husband he is with her because she buys him things lol but it is what it is. I have left my husband and I am excited to start a new life. But just wanted to let everyone know about her.