I’ll keep this short and sweet. I just want my fellow Edmontonians to watch out for this gross newfie pig. Grayson Smith‘s a regular at the clubs around town almost any given night. She has 2 kids that hopefully one day will be taken to a better home because their mother is a welfare abusing, disgusting bar floozy that only had kids so she could get money from the government to spend on booze and hair dye. She doesnt buy her kids anything. She leaves her 2 yr old and 6 yr old home alone all the time so she can go drink and sleep with as many randoms as she can. The kids have an amazing dad but she calls the cops and makes sh*t up like he’s hitting her. Meanwhile he’s the only good thing her kids have in this world, but she makes him stay away with her pathetic threat of calling the cops and she’s done it at least a dozen times.

Her kids hate her. They can’t stand being alone with her they want to be with the dad, but she is too much of a selfish money hungry floozy to give up the government money and let him have the kids. I’m not a rat but I hope somebody will do something because no kids should have to grow up with a slug of a mother like this. she is truly a disgusting newfie floozy and not a good one. She is drunk at least 80 percent of the time. She has had more DRDs than most of you have even heard of and thinks it’s funny. Well I think it’s f**king sickening and I hope she gets whats coming to her and I hope those kids can someday get a decent human being as a guardian because with a pig of a mother like that how can they ever get anywhere. She is also a heavy crystal meth user and has been known to steal from anyone to support her habit. The odd time shes had a job in her life here and there it’s not long before theres complaints of stolen wallets and purses and she magically is always closeby. She is an ugly fat pig and if you meet her do not bring your kids around her home. It’s not somewhere any kids should have to be exposed to, always using meth and drunk sleeping with a different guy on the couch all the time while they walk by her like its normal.