, look out for this one Hayley Emery (Smith)!!! She will weasel her way into your home by playing her deck of various poor me cards. Keep in mind she’ll more than likely start out with her own place and or room rental but soon you’ll notice how she’s always there. Once she has made her presence permanent she will eat you outta house and home and then to top it off will leave behind title waves of messes for you to clean up. And when you approach her she will have some sob story about how she works so hard why should she have to clean (she’s a waiter). If you have young kids, look out. She will force herself upon them as an aunty. At some point you’ll notice shes not around as much shes stopped making plans with you. Next thing you’ll know shes pulling a last minute move out because she’s found someone better to use. Your kid she was so in love with no longer matters to her. How she once called you her friend or adoptive family that no longer matters to her because she’s found an easier target. So beware of this cow.