Stay away from this Guy. He is a pathological Liar. He will tell you anything to weasel his way into your heart and home. He tells you he is homeless and he isn’t. He has places he can go to. I have talked to several people who confirmed all of what I am telling you and I have talked to the police as well. He will eat all your food use your clothes and he will destroy your electronics. Anything that’s to do with power he will tear into. He wrecked my laptop some electrical cords and a blue tooth speaker in the short time he stayed with me. He caused ôvêr 15,000 in damages at one families home. At another home he caused took and damaged 1100 worth of things. Some friends he calls them. His real Mother, covers for him and each time pretends it’s the first time it had happened. He disappears often. When he is done with you he will just leave. He did this to me but I had no clue of his lying ways and what he was all about. I filed a missing persons report and that’s when this whole story came out after lots of digging and more lies from almost everyone. He lied about everything! Age he added 5 years in to his actual age. He never worked his education everything was a lie. Even I believe he mentions what I think is a fictional fiancé in Saskatoon. He uses sex as his main weapon. He is Bi sexual and I have seen him sleep with some nasty looking things because they had Meth or money or booze. He is charming and has a stutter that may even be fake as far as I know. He will stare you dead IN The eyes while lying and you feel you have to believe him. DONT! You see this guy coming, run don’t walk run the other way.