This chick Heather R. Cave has an inflated ego issue turned into sleeping with any man that has a pulse, including mine! First off, let’s dive into her looks. At best, transvestite. Which makes the whole affair she had with my husband that much worse. I guess when a man views you as a 711, open all kinds of hours, he would much rather choose that convenience over having to make a marriage work. She also slept with our coworkers boyfriend as well. She has lived in our town less than a year and has literally made her mark. From what I hear, she lost custody of her kids because she couldnt get off the drugs, no surprise there once you see her. My man and I did make it work, but I have a ton of pain from it. He tells me things like she was horrible in bed, and that he will never do it again, but how do I trust him again? He slept with her twice, that I know of. Please for godsake someone make her famous for the pain she has caused!