This fat, ugly cow pursued my husband relentlessly knowing he was married. He told her he didn’t want anything from her, but she caught him falling down drunk and supposedly took him to sleep it off safely. Instead, she kept fondling him while he was passing out and telling her no. She mounted him, no condom.The next day he told her he felt dirty and ashamed.

10 years together, 4 kids and he never cheated on me even when working out of town. He’s been hit on by stunning women and walked away. This is one disgusting, predatory bitch. She even posted on FB all about how sweet and wonderful he was. She tried to get him to leave me. She tried to come to my home. She refused to tell me she didn’t put a condom on him, then tried to tell me I’m jealous of her. There is zero jealousy here. Righteous indignation, pain and rage – but no jealousy.

She was jealous of what I have and was willing to do anything to try and steal it from me, but it didn’t work. 4 months of hell from this woman. She believes she is a good person and was my husbands friend. Bullshit. He’s in trauma therapy and we’re trying to heal our marriage through therapy and prayer, which now and forever has a disgusting ho beast where there used to be sacredness.