Assistant U.S. Attorney Henry Kopel of Connecticut (who works for Connecticut U.S. Attorney John Durham) is a completely unhinged, dangerous, biased, extreme racist, extreme Zionist, psychologically imbalanced, who hates Muslims or anyone who criticizes Israel, its policies or its treatment of Palestinians, and he should not be allowed anywhere near prosecutor power or the ability to investigate or target anyone due to his extreme racist and scary beliefs, as is evidenced by his totally biased and racist writings here and elsewhere.

He clearly shows and exhibits extreme favoritism towards Zionist right wing extremist Jews, while shunning/hurting everyone else, and is obviously one of the biggest and most entrenched problems in the corruption of the Connecticut justice system.

He should be urgently and immediately investigated and removed from that job, where he does more damage than good, seizing the levers of power to target and threaten those that he does not like, for political, religious, or racist reasons, protecting and covering for and acting as an extension for his extreme Zionist Jewish friends/cronies, in order to hurt/harm/target non-Jews or people that do not share his extreme racist political beliefs.