So so many questions. Let’s do a little Q& A Hunter and Hunters numerous face moles : First up what happened to your little dog that broke it’s leg and people gave you money on a go fund me for? You said they had to fix the leg or cut it off and now suddenly you just have an uglier spotted dog to replace it? Did you kill it? Such a responsible pet owner after you big dog goes MIA for a couple of months and you blame it on people that have no need for a broken down old ugly a$$ dog. Second what’s up with your tits? One exploded hot stinky pu55 are you still walking around with one tit 😂? Did you get your surgery done in someone’s basement? And my last question is when is the baby due or did you kill that too? Come on Hunter, enquiring minds want to know! karma is a b!*%+ and now you are living it. Now at least you have a new meal ticket even if he looks like he belongs on an episode of jersey shore. Did you get pregnant to hold on to that prize/trap him?