She blocked me on Facebook. So I couldn’t get ahold of her husband. She and my husband(a piece of sh1t btw) were exchanging emails behind my back and her husbands. Saying they missed each other and couldn’t wait to see each other. I have the emails btw. I confronted her about them and she lied then the second time I caught the emails again she said she was joking. Put me on this web site to cover her tracks. Then made another email faking to be my husband (her at work boyfriend ) to say sorry things about me. Not even accurate. She lives in Pasadena and she has no problem talking to someone else’s husband. She blocked me from Facebook and instragram so I couldn’t find out her husbands information to show him. My husband has to pay for my school and pays the bill so yeah I can’t leave him like she says that is the only thing she has correct. Until I get on my feet for my kids I can’t leave but that doesn’t make him less of an a55hole. I’m here for him to pay the bills so I can go to school and that’s all. The two kids that I have with him are special needs as well so he didn’t not mention nor did she that I stay him for them. And he doesn’t want me to work so I can better myself so I can leave .