Isaac tells people lies from the get go he i s à people user and he will do anything and say anything in order to gain your trust confidence and even your love. Since I have know him he has torn apart 4 families and house holds He will tell you he is homeless and that he has no place to go He always has a place to go. His Mom loves him and so do many other who stupidly help him out. He will use you for food shelter clothes drugs and he loves taking apart anything to do with electricity power laptops stereos you name it. One place he wrecked over 15,000 dollars worth of things. He will do anything and will sleep with anyone he is bi sexual and uses sex to get his way. He can not be trusted. He will act and seem remorseful. But trust me. This kid is all Act! He has been doing it for years. He has a stutter that is probably well rehearsed. He also tells people he is much older than he is. He told someone he was 23 and he was 17. Con Artist! He will steal as well watch you charges on you r iTunes and your bank accounts. He will never work. He complains about chronic pain. He is a lazy little bugger. He is a total slob and will not do a thing to help out. Call the police on him if you can’t get him to leave chances are there is a warrant out for his arrest. This kid is Good! Do not be fooled! Get his social worker to come get him