So Jack is known for asking girls over social media and in person to squeeze or kick his balls as hard as they can(or until he drops). And as weird as that is he also will secretly video it so he can masturbate to it later. At this point he does so many steroids his balls are probably the size of peanuts. He is so obsessed with his “ballbusting” he once said it might affect his ability to have children in the future since he likes to be kicked and squeezed so hard! F***** up! He has so many mental problems even his mom asked if he was disabled. He treats women like garbage, lying to them and always trying to get money from them or make them buy him stuff. He is a cheap bastard who doesn’t know how to be a real man. Just a sad, lost, confused 14 year old boy in a 24 year old steroid-testosterone filled nasty body. I feel bad for the girls who are drunk accidentally go home with to find out they have to punch/kick him in the balls to turn him on.