Due to the fact I am extremely embarrassed, I was ever associated withJaeme I prefer to not list my name. I have a small business and she does and don’t need anymore accusations from this evil harlot. General outline is we met in August 2019 and hit it off instantly. There were none stop warning signs and red flags but I chose to ignore them and trusted my new found friend. She had just lost her father and inherited a sum of money and we remodeled most of her house. I find out now she was cheating all along. Like cold nasty embarrassing to tell at a w**** house style. She waited till we were almost complete and started complaining about work that was beautiful and thanked us for too keep from paying balances due. We split for 8 weeks then she talked me into coming over and sleeping with me again. Big mistake. Easter we had plans that she broke and made up a story about how she was going to her nieces home and staying The night. But was her latest boy toy. Him being as clueless as myself. We were together night before. Next day we were finishing some work and at end of day told her I would come by for a visit after dropped guys off. She said she needed to clean. (I didn’t know how bad she needed to clean) so I left and returned next morning to work same as the past 7 days in a row. She was asleep and would not return my 3 calls or messages to unlock gate to get my tools and start work. Went to the bedroom door she makes me come to when others are sleeping in the house so I won’t wake them. Knocked and looked in to find some guy in our bed. She had jumped up when I told her I was there and acted like she was sleeping in another room. I left. Came to get my tools hour later and she would not give them too me. I left again. Then she calls saying it wasn’t as I thought it was. He was in wheelchair. I took pies. No wheelchair. Begged me to come talk next right. Wanted to explain and make up. I brought 100 dollars of steak and food and fed her entire house. Let myself listen to the lies and we slept together again. ???? Next day covered labor she owed to one of my guys for working at her house and bought $65 dollars worth of mulch and delivered to her house and we were to trade for her giving me a haircut later. Came back when she called and ask me to for haircut and she starts an argument that I still don’t know what was over and made me leave. Started digging and found video she posted Easter if same guy I found in her bed riding a skateboard. Still didn’t see that wheelchair. All others are aware of JAEME A WALLACE 44 of 10 oriole drive Cartersville ga 30121