:James Chevrette was posted on here once before he now has a new partner in crime his Girlfriend Katie Foss. They are both drama queens and love stirring up trouble for someone else . Neither of them can impersonate Motionless in White and both suck at singing , James plays the same beat on his drums . They were kicked out Pm lounge for being cheapskates only because Katie was stuffing James’s gut with Dairy Queen and Mcdonalds and neither of them could afford a drink . They are on the verge of being kicked out of another Bar for being cheapskates as well.They spend their days go to wrestling events and calling other people down as they try to boost their ego. They are the proud carriers of sdrds cause neither know how to use a condom and they sleep around on each other. Katie works all day to provide money for their cheap trashy parties they sit around and go through a list of people who they can target. thats if you you dont have little bugs crawling all over you because they both havent learned how to vaccum or pick up a cleaning product. Katie snorts like a pig when she laughs and you can hear her snorting from 3 doors down , Neither of them can dress goth or act goth , they are the CHEAP imitation of Goth and get mad when others out do them. They cannot be happy for anyone and will wreck your relationship or friendships . If you have something better than they do they will make a point of trying to wreck things for you. guys and Gals Do yourselves a favor you see these two coming RUN .