This is Janice Funston aka “yeglifer” from Edmonton Alberta. Janice is an online troll who spends most of her day on Twitter arguing with bots and other Internet trolls. While Janice not only neglects her family and small business (Henry’s Interiors / Purveyor of Fine Things), she regularly attacks the good character of others who disagree with her. This isn’t something that I need to prove, a quick Twitter search of her will tell you everything. Janice likes to inject herself into debates and conversations with the single goal of setting off a chain reaction of personal attacks made by other trolls. Janice specializes in attacking and trolling others who have differing political opinions and viewpoints. In fact, during the last Alberta election Janice spread fake news on numerous occasions. She has since deleted these posts, but not before good Samaritans of the Twitterverse were able to screen-cap them. Janice is part of the problem with social media in 2019, where fake news and trolling runs rampant. For being a small business owner, Janice doesn’t play nice with other small business owners. She has a history of publicly shaming other small business owners when they support political parties that are not to her liking. Janice hides beyond her keyboard and phone. She’s tough and mean until her victims decide they’ll face her in person. Janice’s response to this? A combination of calling the local police department and looking for sympathy from others online. Don’t throw rocks when you live in a glasshouse. For shaming other small business owners, Janice has no problem doing business with a sociopathic man-child who regularly trolls and attacks everyone online. He will remain nameless, but if you know Janice then you know exactly whom I’m talking about. People of #yeg, please know who Janice is and how she conducts herself. It seems as if she hit rock bottom ever since her orange crush went flat.