So this trashy Jasmine Nicole Johnson b#*ch pretended to be my friend for years just to get in my now ex husband’s pants (which wasn’t hard to do since he is a womanizing a$$hole) so literally 2 months after getting married to him Jasmine is at my house when he “decides” he doesn’t wanna be with me anymore and there is “someone” else. Turns out it was her thot a$$, I leave and she literally moves into his house the same day I leave. He ends up getting her pregnant and they don’t work out. He signs over his rights to their kid and trys to get me back. If I were any of you I’d keep this trifling b#*ch out of my man’s life, let alone his friends list. Unless you want this HOMEWRECKER to carry your man’s kid and have the audacity to ask you to be it’s good mom… no how just no