Javed Khan of Cisco WebEx is running a marriage scam and immigration fraud in San Jose California San Francisco Bay Area. Javed Khan is a VP at Cisco Systems (Collaboration Group). Javed Khan is the epitome of a fraud. Javed Khan recently was FIRED from Symantec because an internal HR investigation found that he was sponsoring an excessive number of foreign workers from his native Pakistan through the company’s foreign worker visa program. But in reality these were all extended family members of Javed Khan coming to the US under bogus work visas. Once they arrived in the US, they never took up any job and just married an American citizen for residency purposes. Javed Khan was complicit in authorizing work visas simply to expedite their entry to the US, pretty much like running a foreign dating service! Now Javed Khan has landed at Cisco Systems where is pulling the same old stunt. He interviews American workers but says they are not a fit and then he asks Cisco to issue work visas for foreign workers. Javed Khan has also pocketed a significant amount of money on the Cisco overhead tab even expensing personal trips abroad under the false guise of business expenses. This big-time fraud Javed Khan should be arrested, charged, convicted and fired ASAP!!!