so my boy was dating this girl  Jaylene Langfordfor about 8 month’s. She used him for a place to stay and his money pretended that she loved him. Gave him DRD. She’s had multiple DRD’s. She’s 19. At 18, she slept with dudes that are 38 years old with kids. She manipulates men for places to stay back to the story so they dated for about 8 months. She hit him, abused him, lied to him about everything, used him for money, a place to stay, food, his car- anything to get ahead in life. She’s alway’s talked to dudes she slept with in the past while she was with him. Always left him when he needed help from her. Every time she would leave him, she’d go back to these guy’s she used to sleep around with. She treated him like complete sh*t when he’d do anything for her. Dudes, watch out for this cheating DRD filled floozy. She might use you next