This classy and charming lady went above and beyond to use her heartless, slut skills on my husband. She even took a picture with my husband and the ultrasound of our child days before the sin happened, now if that doesn’t make you want to kick some trees. We managed to work through things and are still on the path of trust, starting with him telling me the truth after a year of lying. He was weak at the time and she knew it and took full advantage of him traveling and being away from me for over a month and having the responsibility of a new baby on the way. I just thank God he didn’t receive any std’s that could’ve been transferred to our growing baby at the time, so scary. Not sure if she is a changed woman or not, but either way she is very capable of doing this to your perfect relationship and family. It’s almost like she does it for the pure fact that it’s a challenge and believe me she’ll go all the way to win! And the only picture I could find of her is quite suiting, she really doesn’t give a f***! I will leave out the awful things my husband had to say about her bc that could be to make me feel better about the situation but if you’re thinking well maybe she is hotter… Nope even after a baby I am 100x’s sexier than this troll. She just a homewrecker that needs to be accountable for her actions. Next time, just don’t Hun! Nothing good comes out of it, you didn’t get my man, he didn’t enjoy either either of the 2 times because he felt so guilty, he still beats himself up over it, I have trust issues, and now you have one more obstacle between you and the man above.