Jennifer Jobe from McKinney Texas is more than a home wrecker. She prowls for men who are married and/or are going through some kind of midlife crisis or something. She gets them at work, and has no respect for herself, the wife, or the family/kids she will damage and destroy. She had an affair with my husband, who is 15+ years older than her from May/June 2016 to December 2016. After reeling him in at work with her advances, she initiated sex by waiting for him naked in the office after every one had left to do her thing. I know this as fact because they both told me after I found out in June of 2016. According to another post on this website, it sounds like that’s the way she gets these married men, by initiating sex at work. She then started making plans right away to get a place with my husband and play house with another woman’s man. Once she knew she was getting fired from her job in Denton for stealing company time, where she was having an affair with my husband, according to another post on this site, it sounds like the other married man that she was having an affair with at the same time, got her a job in Grand Prairie. She got fired from the job in Grand Prairie and got another job back in Denton, where she continues to try to hunt my husband down. It sounds like this home wrecker is busy hurting and damaging lives and families without remorse. Why does she go for married men? Maybe it’s a game to her. But, to us wives and families, it is life devastating and painful. We as a family, have used this damagingand painful time in our lives to teach our grown boys, who have their own families, what an affair can do to a marriage. We have taught our grown boys, that a man is not defined by the mistakes that he makes, but by how he chooses to fix them. Everything we do in life is a choice!