My ex-husband convinced his company to hire his mistress. He claims his first encounter with her was initiated by her in the bathroom at work where he couldn’t even look her in the face to have sex. He continued his affair from at least August 2016 through April 2017 when our divorce was finalized but kept it a secret from me (along with at least 4-5 other women he was having sex with) until July 2017 when he finally stopped telling me he wanted to work things out with me after 7 mos of separation. He promptly attempted to move her into the marital home where she comfortably sleeps in the bed that I picked out on the sheets and pillows that I picked out while preparing dinner for my ex-husband and kids with the dishes and cooking supplies that I left my daughter. Jennifer Jobe’s currently cheating on my ex-husband and still reaching out to men that he works with, telling them that she moved in with him but moved out because he was cheating on her and accusing her of cheating on him. However, we can see, plain as day, they are very much still seeing each other every week when I pick up my kids