This girl was with my husband and didn’t know about me at first. So I wasn’t mad at her. I found out about her in March 2014 and now it’s 2016 and she was still seeing my husband. Or was. He stop talking to her cause she is pregnant and doesn’t know who the father is. She has the audacity to call me names and tell me I’m nothing when all she does is sleep with other women’s men. She has also done this to 2 other people that I now know of. She is broke and barely can keep a place to live. She has a son who’s older and doesn’t even stay with her. She’s uneducated and works for cps in Gonzales tx. And she barely held on to that job cause she was dancing in the office all ghetto and posting those pics on her Instagram. Which is jenna_lynn_leal. And her Twitter @lynnnjenna. Her Facebook is Jennifer leal. She accepts anybody. Especially if you’re a male. Like who has 2400 friends on fb being that ordinary. So watch out for her ladies. She does not care to share. And has stated that on her Twitter.

I’m posting 2 pics because her selfies are ok but the other pics people post of her are her true self. And she travels to wherever the guy is too. She’s that desperate to find someone to call her own or try to steal as I should say.