He goes after basically any chick that is pregnant, or already has kids, in other words he preys on single moms. He’ll tell each and every single one of them all the same bullsh1t that “ My ex put me through hell and now I need reassurance so I know you won’t leave me “ he’s clingy, over attached and super obsessive.. any time you get a text or a phone call he’ll accuse you of cheating, and if you dump him, he’ll go back to his ex girlfriends and tell them he’ll kill himself if they don’t get back with you. If you don’t have sex with him, he’ll accuse you of thinking he’s unattractive, and go psycho on your ass, he’ll spend money on you, even if you say no and then call you a gold digger and bash you behind your back when you dump him.. He uses Plenty Of Fish to get women, but believe me ladies… he’s not worth it.