She had an affair with my husband, since they were in high school. She cheated with him while she was married to her husband and when her husband found out he left her hi and dry. She still tried to be with my husband but he was in a relationship with someone else…he went into 2 relationships while sleeping with her on the side and then he married his ex wife. Jessica continued to sleep with him while he was married and sent messages and emails begging him to divorce his ex wife and marry her. That marriage ended and he still didn’t give her any real shot at a relationship but she continued to have sex with him. When I met and married my husband, she admitted to me that she didn’t see or hear from him for “a long time..longer then normal” but one day after a fight he called her and asked to see her. She said yes and he went to her house and had sex with her…he was literally only at her house for 28 minutes and then left. These are the types of sexual encounters she allowed him to have with her..28 to 40 minutes tops. They continued this for 2 years. I found out and confronted her on Facebook but she didn’t reply..I waited until my baby was born and confronted her again and she finally admitted to having an affair with him on and off for years. She admitted that she knew about me, his ex wife and all his other girl friends but never cared bcuz he told her that he loved her and that he would be with her one day…she’s had faked many pregnancies and faked a miscarriage every time. She has never shown proof of pregnancy to my husband but continues to guilt him. He doesn’t see her any more and he’s given me passwords to all the acts that they had convos. He doesn’t access these accounts anymore, only I do. And she continues to send naked pictures of herself and messages, ” I love you, I miss you I need you, just come over here and fuck my brains out for 10 minutes” and even hate messages to who she thinks is him..I never reply as him but she still continues to reach out to him in hope he will go back to her…seriously? It’s been 19 months since he’s talked to her or had any contact with her and she still tries…she might not have torn our family apart but she is willing to keep trying