This is the second post about this woman. She is obviously so fat, pathetic, and all around disgusting that she will mess with any married man around. And I don’t want to hear the “your husband obviously talked to her too” I get that. He’s a cheating sack of sh*t too. They deserve each other. She sent him DISGUSTING pictures of her flabby vagina that are permanently burned into my memory now that I stumbled upon them. She literally probably Weighs 200 more lbs than my husband. I try to stay in shape for him, but obviously that was a waste of time. I should have let myself go and ate twinkies all day and maybe he wouldn’t have strayed from our marriage ?. Wow is all I can say. She told my husband that she “is submissive. And loves to make her man cum, especially with her mouth.” Well if you had seen the picture of her vagina, you would know that’s most likely the only way she CAN make anyone cum because I bet it’s petty hard to find it through all of her fat rolls. She also stated that she couldn’t wait to have my husbands hands on her. Oh, and she also went through a “stretching” phase, and loves to be fisted. This woman worked with my husband for about 5 months and I literally never in a million years had a second thought about my husband wanting to stick his penis in anything like that. Boy was I wrong. God they are both disgusting and Jessica if you are reading this, fuck you and you can have him, once I’m done taking him for all he’s got with all the screen shots I have of yalls messages. I hope y’all live happily ever after. I truly do. Thank you for making me see what a piece of shit he really is. Now he’s your problem.