Found out about Jessica Griffith (or Magan or Madison…can’t keep up with her ever changing last name) last February via opened Facebook message on shared computer.. and husband said she was just a new girl he worked with and not to worry. It just said something like “hey how are,” just something small…I then came up to Washington state with our two kids to see my family and I get a message 2 weeks later on our 6th wedding anniversary saying he doesn’t want to be with me anymore and he doesn’t love me and that I can stay up in Washington because I’m not welcomed back at the house. I call him back the next dayand he says he’s moving in his roommates…I ask who it is and he said “oh her names Jessica…she’s staying in the ther room” …I knew exactly who he was talking about. She the proceeds to take over the house that still has all of mine and my two kids stuff in it with her stuff and her two kids things. I’ve heard that she was also still married when she started seeing my soon to be ex…and before that marriage she also cheated on her 1st husband with her second husband. They all work at the BNSF together including my exes brothers, his dad…and…her 2nd ex husband and her mom. Sounds like a great place to work if you never want to be faithful in any sort of relationship. Sounds like a keeper.