Lets start with saying before I ever knew she existed she actually peed on a stick for a girl my now husband was dating way before we dated to trap him into thinking that girl was pregnant (Jessica was pregnant).

Fast forward. I was dating a man and it became very serious as we had known one another a very long time. We constantly talked and hung out, he then deployed and we continue talking. He came home from deployment and we started dating. 7 short months later we were engaged and I was head over heels. Well, suddenly he began accusing me of cheating, checking my phone and email, sneaking onto my phone. I asked why and if something was going on to which he denied. Eventually, I was informed about their relationship in the midst of planning our wedding. Literally 2 weeks from our wedding date it all became clear and I left him, called off the wedding, and actually had to get a restraining order against him for stalking me, showing up at my house, and persistently contacting me.

Best part is 5 months later this girl messages me on FB and divulges all her cheating details. It was worse than I thought…. They had been together ever since he returned from Iraq….. Returned from Iraq to allegedly date me…. She told me all the times they had been together, how he always said he would leave me, the times I was out of town and he was living in MY house screwing her in MY bed with his kids there I was taking care of. I was sick to my stomach. She had the audacity to tell me he had been messing around on her bla bla bla. Suppose she wanted me to join the anti Daniel Mckellips train??? I wanted nothing to do with her or him.

He may have been cheating with her and several others on me but all I can say is at least I got a ring on my finger. You were just a clandestine lay. I am glad I left him as soon as I found out.