THIS girl 26 years old plays the VICTIM for every man who falls for her bull…she seems SO sweet and innocent rescuing and saving animals for a living (not really) then finds her “victims” I mean MEN that is how she found MY husband and decided she wanted him for herself after I caught them she told the same ol’ BS story they ALL tell “oh he said he wasn’t happy, he said he was leaving you” blah blah blah and when I ended their crap she moved on within two days to her next “victim” man that she USED for money and any thing else she could get him to pay for UNTIL he got smart and dumped her via TEXT and NOW she is with another “victim” and he already gave her a promise ring… POOR MAN he has NO clue what he is getting himself into RUN RUN RUN mister RUN!!! DO NOT FALL FOR HER SHIT!!

She cries WOLF all the time about wanting to give up on life and how life has handed her a dirty hand WELL maybe if you would treat other people with respect and stay away from men who are married with a family!! KARMA would not kiss you in the ass SO BAD!!! Life is simple TREAT other how you wish to be TREATED and if you are going to try to whore around with married men then maybe THAT is the reason your life is SO crappy and all kinds of bad things happen to you….HMMmmmmmm HAVE YOU EVER THOUGHT OF THAT???? I am sure she hasn’t!!!