I met this girl, JESSICA VASQUEZ, on FB at the beginning of this year. She talked to me about her baby daddy and how he cheated on her caught him in bed with his now wife. I thought she was an amazing person, strong and very independent, I had so much fun talking to her, chatting with her. I spoke to her about me being in the USCGA she was okay with that. its difficult on a man we have our needs. I asked her for some pictures I didn’t think she would send them (I had only known her for a few days maybe a week or so I’m not too sure but I know it wasn’t more than two weeks) well anyways. she sent me the pictures, and I sent her a video before that. which by the way she didn’t act upset about either, which is what I would have expected from a woman but I guess you can’t call her that. We kept talking for a few months, and exchanging pictures of course. So the other day I hacked her facebook page. mind you she previously told me that she had never sent that type of pictures to anyone before, she basically swore that she had never done that acting all shy when I would ask and then eventually sending them. well when I hacked her page I read messages, first they were messages between her and her sister (ARLET GONZALEZ) who by the way is also a hoe, just not a homewrecker (unless you consider her own marriage).

Anyway, in these messages she mentioned a ton of guys who she’s planning to meet up with while we’re supposed to be “TOGETHER”. One of them wanted to meet her “after dropping his daughter off at school” sounds fishy to me. These are also guys she met on Facebook she doesn’t even know them never met them and I shouldn’t act like I didn’t know what’s up since after all that is how we started. I was already feeling unsure of her, but then I come across messages from some guy. XXX messages pictures videos. I was already pissed by so many lies. It wasn’t until I realized the last name on this guy’s profile was the same last name her baby daddy has that I realized they were related. She was being a hoe with her ex man’s family and the guy was married too. There’s messages where he says “I couldn’t talk because she was by my side”. She didn’t deny anything! She even said they were IN LOVE! This girl is “in love” with her baby daddy’s cousin. The same baby daddy who “broke her heart” which I also found out through messages with his cousin that SHE was the one cheating. She did to the cousins wife the same thing that she claims was done to her. I hope this teaches her a lesson to stop sending pictures to random guys and to have some self respect. I also took screens hots of their conversations and put her on blast on her own facebook. She had the audacity to ask me to stop and think about how this would affect her child, she wasn’t thinking of him before. So I leave this for all to see and be careful with this girl.