This sorry assed s*** tried to break up a wonderful marriage. My husband and I married at 18. We were fresh out of high school when we married. She worked in Houston, my husband in a small town. He was in charge of cataloging parts for the plant. She knew he was married, but she proceeded to make innuendos about sex over items in the catalog. She continued to flirt and tell pornographic stories about herself and other men. After many weeks of this, my husband was enticed to carry on a phone relationship with her. She invited him to skip work and come visit her. He went. The had sex out at Lake Houston a couple of times. He left her saying he would NEVER come back, because he loved his wife. She was so pissed, she sent concert tickets for him and his pregnant wife. She was even more pissed when he didn’t go to the concert. How did she know he didn’t go?