Jodie Calcote likes married men. She works at Child Protective Services in Henderson County. She had an affair with an Anderson County lawyer she worked cases with. He had just lost his son in a car accident and she went after him relentlessly, knowing he was an easy target. She didn’t care about his family or they were suffering a tremendous loss. She likes men with money. That is what she does, seek and destroy because she loves to spend. It destroyed and broke up his family. She does this all the time, breaks up families with her affairs. She worked at a private Christian school, where she had an affair with a student’s married father, she broke up that marriage. She didn’t work there again the next year, Baptist schools frown on that sort of thing. The gossip around town is she went after a married co-worker at Palestine ISD (to work her way up) and, she doesn’t work there anymore either. Jodie Calcote is a home-wrecker.