Hi I’m Joel Claude! I’d invite you over but I live in my moms basement and honestly I never want to leave! She cooks for me, cleans me and drives me to work. I don’t wanna get a licence, i don’t wanna grow up! I have never even payed my own cell phone bill! Uh duh I’m a boy not a man. I enjoy being completely dependent. And don’t even look at me the wrong way or I will call the cops. I snitched before and I’ll do it again! I threw my friends under the bus and I never had to serve a single day in prison. That place is scary and I’m a coward. I had a baby with a cool chick but she got sick and the baby went to foster care and I left him there. Screw that kid, I wanna be the baby forever! I’m toxic & negative but Im positive I like fentanyl and meth and whatever you wanna give me cuz I has no monies. I don’t want a relationship, I just want to use you for a bit than cry wolf and get rid of you. Im the victim here! Y no respekt? So please… feel sorry for me…message me Pwees wuvs me boys 2 hmu on fb xo