This a55hat lead me on for the past year and decided to tell me we have to split after he no longer will be working in my town. Over the last year he told me he left his wife for me and we were going to get married as soon as his divorce was finalized on his parents farm. Told me to start packing up my stuff here and move to Edmonton as his room mate would be moving out soon and we could start all over in his house in just a few months. He asked me to get off birth control and try to have his own juniors. Told me he wanted me to be the mother of his baby borges and we would start planning our wedding together soon. Turns out his room mate is actually his fiance who has no idea about any of this. This guy is a serial creep who promises any girl the world as long as they believe his bullsh1t Edmonton girls beware. The real risk for quarantine is the possible DRDs hes carrying.