This man is the prime example and definition of “Dirty” Been so fuking wasted on Meth from the age 9/10, that if he were to sober up, it might kill him or put his overweight puss filled back zits into shock and do some real brain damage… ( yeah right ) he wouldn’t know or want to be sober for a moment in life, not even to be a good father to his beautiful daughter, nah, he enjoys the i’m lazy and cant get off my fat a55 to take her to the park so, ill keep my meth pipe in hand and let her watch cartoons and eat 3 healthy meals of candy a day. If he were to lose that sickness of addiction hes had for 30sum years now, he wouldn’t stand a chance with woman, He enjoys the ones who are much much older, addicted to something and probably think they are so special because this younger guy is showing interest… He’ll latch onto a woman who has a steady income. home. and who even has self esteem issues, knowing his manshild like manner just hit a home run. With no job, no income over 1000 a month… he chooses to dig hard and dig deep into the garbage bins in Edmonton, just so he can bring you back an expired backpack of food gift you with used makeup from shoppers. Great gifts…He wont even so much as wear gloves, nope. shit wont even was his hands after. And his job title… COOPER-TUNE-IST you have got to be kidding me? I think ill save taking him home to meet my parents! Hes gone as far as making a profile on a dating site that was the most truth hes ever said to any woman, about being a homeless addict to meth with no job… The girl he landed was a keeper too, after he realized or thought he made a mistake, she began messaging everyone on his fb making a ridiculous about of different profiles to keep in contact. He believes his a genus and knows everything and anything, and makes himself look so fuking stupid when hes put in his place, or slapped with reality when hes wrong…a young drop out with a dad who sold dope and mom who couldn’t stay longer than a holiday, he’s been such a confused child since birth, sh1t, he isn’t even his dads son, Hes the seed of a random drunk who has a number of bastard kids in Canada and the states, but he wouldn’t want many ppl knowing this, just encase he loses’s the money coming from grandma.. He loves it when a girl pops the pu55 sh1t on his back, and from experience, there isn’t a single unclogged pour on his back. Shower much? nah he likes soaking in baths after one or two weeks of meth sweat, and wont even rinse off the dirt water he just relaxed in for 45 minutes. He actually thinks that a woman who stinks like fish, the salmon kind, is healthy? Fuking genus lol… He should have got hooked on phonics instead of meth, because his grammar and spelling defines his educated smarts. His famous quote ” I dont lie” should be the post on his grave stone, after he passes. The pour thing was brought into this world a lie and will probably leave the world a lie. He fuks one of the meth sense most infected tainted disgusting bitchs edmonton has ever known. giving these infections to his current girl friend, mother of his child, and so on… even after being told that he infected these woman, he still doesn’t get checked or cured, instead believes that the woman are the ones who got together and made it up, like hes that fuking important or wanted for ppl to actually go out of there way., He’s homeless and once the chance to leach onto someone knew, who was vulnerable, l and had a place lined up… back to square one, even after being asked to get checked before intercourse, he doesn’t… he then gives his new girl friend a seed and nasty infection. The rooting teeth he can almost pull out in full make his breath so bad, that i actually threw up in my mouth… he says its a nose infection. no, its from him eating a fishy pu55y, and hands down a bacteria infected mouth, the teeth he does have left are black, or half gone. ladies i beg you to please prossed with extream caution when meeting this man, or excues me manchild.