Was with him for just over 2 years, all he did was lie & cheat & be a bum. Can’t keep a job, then when he gets a camp job, just drinks all his money away partying with b1tches & cheating. Cries about how he loves me & wants to come home & be with me. Back in the city & still no job. Thinks working a line is gna take care of us. He’s constantly owing ppl money because he has a drinking and gambling addiction. So when he’s out late working, he’s not working to help support us, he’s working to pay off his debt to ppl. I buy him clothes, pay for his minutes, Jesus he can’t even buy himself a pack of boxers. He rather drink all his money away and I’m expected to do laundry every 3 days so he has clean clothes. He leaves his clothes everywhere & cries about it when he sees his so called bros flexing his sh1t & then he wonders why he doesn’t have any clothes. Just a fkn man child. Him & his brother & their whole group of boys have a group chat where all they do is talk sh1t about the b1tches they fuk & how they cheat on their girls all the time. His brother can’t even get it up without viagra so all these b1tches think they’re falling in love with his sex game when it ain’t even real hahaha. Jordan has a daughter with some cvnt named emilie who just uses their daughter as a pawn. She keeps her from Jordan unless he has money in his pocket to give her or unless he kisses her a55 & does whatever she says. He just lets her control him when it could all be fixed with some court papers. Was with him for 2 years and I guess he was still fuking with her because now she’s pregnant again with his son supposedly. So they can have eachother & he can go back to his happy little fuked up family. She was tryna tell me he went to jail for domestic violence charges against her but yet he never laid a hand on me lmao. So I guess good luck to them, I’ll pray for their kids lol. Hopefully they don’t get taken away with his severe drug & alcohol problem. She fucks all his friends and cheats on him just as much as he cheats too so I guess we’ll see how long that lasts. Pretty sad he doesn’t even bother with his other daughter Serenity as well. He just got some chick to fall in love with him & get her pregnant then he just dips on her. Doesn’t ask about the little girl who is IDENTICAL to him. I feel bad for even mentioning her because her mom is now passed away due to drug overdose. But it just shows Jordan will cheat & lie & get other people pregnant & not even care about the baby he made. Even his mom supports him being a loser. She doesn’t even claim that little girl as her grand daughter. Doesn’t even count her as her grand baby. Whole family is fkd up, now my son will have to figure that out on his own as he gets older. I blame myself for knowing better but staying and allowing sh1t for so long lol