So let me tell you a story about this girl Jordan!! I started talking to her online, everything was going good. Then she asked if I could help her get groceries for her daughters and her. Saying that she would pay me back when she got her child support cheque. That really should have been my red flag. I wanted to help so I lent her the money. The time came along when she said that she would pay me back and she obviously didn’t. She came up with some excuse that her old landlord was holding her cheque till she paid back rent she owed. Me being the brilliant guy I am lent her more so she could get it and pay me back and then lent more and more in the promises of getting paid back. What a dumb move that was!! 😡 So long story short I’m now out over $1000. And I know that I really don’t have anyone other then myself to blame. Just wanted to put this out there so no one else gets burnt like my dumba55.