, this is sexual harassment maniac Joshua Koehli. The head boss of customer service at Edmonton Recreational Centres including the Kinsmen Recreational Centre. I got hired as a Customer Service Representative at the Kinsmen Recreational Centre working at the front desk. Joshua Koehli intentionally ordered me a shirt one size smaller than I requested so it would show off my figure and when I complained by saying to him that I had asked for a Medium-Size, his exact words to me were “Naw you need to wear a small, you gotta show off that body.” When I turned around to stuff my things into my backpack, he grabbed my butt cheek and moved one of his fingers from my butt cheek to between my legs and I immediately pulled away, flustered in a rush. A redheaded woman was watching it all. Joshua Koehli looked at her and she licked her lips and then they both laughed. I just wanted to get out of there because I was so uncomfortable, so I grabbed my bag and speed walked, almost ran, out of the room. Later during that evening, I emailed my resignation to my boss and I didn’t want to deliver my resignation in-person to the Kinsmen Recreational Centre because I was afraid Joshua Koehli could have possibly been there when I stopped by. I talked to the other women who worked at the Kinsmen Recreational Centre because I wanted to figure out what was going on with Joshua Koehli and that redheaded chick, the one who licked her lips after Joshua Koehli grabbed my butt cheek just before they both laughed. One of the girls told me “You know they share a bed right, but he’s like 43 and she’s like 22. And I know, it’s seriously fu$ked up.”