This pathetic, desperate is a disgrace to all women who still have morals, values, dignity and self respect. She and my exhusband worked together at USAA which is where the ugly Puerto Rican with the nastiest hair and to be honest nothing about this slut is attractive first set her crooked eyes on him. With her desperate ways of sending gifts to his daughter to somehow look like a good person trying to disguise the disgrace she is to women. I warned my ex husband about her long before the affair started because tramps like her are easily detected you can smell their stench from a mile away. Unfortunately the man I once looked up to and respected became one of the dumbest men I’ll ever know. Who knows how long the affair went on and it doesn’t matter because the morning I caught him at her house at 4am both looking so pathetic outside because they couldn’t be inside because mommy and daddy lived there with this old 40 yr old thing. One look at her was all it took for me to realize that neither he nor she were worth another second of grief so I asked him to go to what used to be home and get his clothes because he no longer had a home and I never looked back.

Sadly for her it was her lack of attractiveness and needy desperate acts not to mention her low self-esteem values and dignity that made the end of marriage very bearable in fact I was somewhat happy and relieved to have realized what I deserved and what I would settle for and it would never be to degrade myself as a woman for any man especially a man in a marriage who somehow made this more exciting for her as she could not pick up another man for obvious reasons. Who can respect this type of person who I’ll admit I was flattered that she wanted what was mine and she could have him because the man I married was dead to me. She wanted my life and everything in it how pathetic that you need a man for this how about you stop whoring around with married men and have some self respect and find one that will date your ugly ass. They have since married and are living happily ever after in her delusional mind and I wish them the best. But before I close this Judith I want you to know that you somehow feel like you won what I don’t know but I want you to know things between my ex husband were not what you thought after the divorce.. We remained in contact every once we separated every single day yes while he was with you. I once made the comment to him that no other divorced couple still talked every day. Up until the night before your fantasy wedding we talked it was that night that I told him that after that night we could no longer speak he asked why and I said because tomorrow you will be a married man and I respect marriage completely and the last thing I said to him was, you need to remember I’m not like the trash your gonna marry tomorrow and I don’t care if it’s you and I’m gonna miss our daily conversations I will not change my beliefs or lose my self respect. He said I can respect that. I wished them well and didn’t look back I was so surprised at the strength I had to carry on with life. They deserve each other and he has to wake up to that ugly face everyday and be seen with her that’s his punishment hers is always knowing she was the trashy whore that didn’t respect another persons life and whether she knows this or not it’ll always be in the back of his mind and he could never truly respect that. Remember this Judith always, you might be done with the past, but the past ain’t done with you. You’ll never be me or like me and just the fact that he and I talked every day hell we even went shopping on Valentines Day together shows you that when you respect yourself people respect you even after a divorce. How stupid you looked thinking we didn’t communicate anymore somehow this ex wife still had something that pulled him in and that’s something you’ll never have because when you whore around you get shit. Oh but he loves you right I could burst your little fantasy bubble so fast but I don’t owe you shit and you looking like a fool is rewarding. Glad he married your stupid ass that way no other woman has to worry about a parasite like you sleezing your way in where you don’t belong. Bye Judith you might’ve thought you’d never hear from me but the past always comes back to bite you in your nasty ass. Oh and tell big daddy hello for me.